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Florida Highway Patrol has shared a shocking viral video has captured a horrifying car crash in southwest Florida, USA. The footage was caught by a camera in the back of Trooper Richard Verbiest’s Highway Patrol car. It shows Verbiest’s Chevrolet SUV pulling over on the side of the road in Lee County. His emergency lights were activated as he stopped behind a disabled motorist on the inside packed shoulder.

Cars can be seen driving at full speed along the road next to the car until one vehicle comes flying out into the side of the road.

The 2012 Mazda, driven by Fernando Xavier Espinoza, 35 of Fort Myers, allegedly swerved his car to avoid slowing traffic.

Footage shows the Mazda veering out of control at full tilt towards the traffic barrier.

It smashes into the guardrail before slamming straight into the back of the Highway Patrol car.

The back window shatters dramatically with the huge force of the shocking car crash.

The Mazda is hurled backwards from the impact, its bonnet completely damaged and crumpled.

Smoke billows out of the battered vehicle before the engine suddenly catches fire.

Flames fan out from the car as Trooper Richard Verbiest can be seen getting out of his car and coming to Espinoza’s help.

He wrenches open the door and Espinoza climbs out before falling to the ground.

Verbiest proceeds to drag him away from the vehicle to one side of the road as other motorists stop and come to help – one with a fire extinguisher – before the video comes to an end.

The footage was filmed in November 2018 but was shared yesterday on Florida Highway Patrol’s Twitter page.

“MOVE OVER FLORIDA! Dash cam video captures vehicle crash into FHP trooper!” they tweeted.

“1st responders perform a critical service on the side of the road, plz move over so they can safely do their job!

“It’s the law, it’s common courtesy & most importantly, it’s a life saver!” (sic).

According to television channel WCTV, Espinoza was seriously hurt in the crash. Verbiest only suffered a minor injury.

Last month shocking CCTV footage of a car flying against the ceiling of a tunnel was released by police in Slovakia showing a surreal car crash that left the driver unscathed. 

The terrifying video shows a speeding car flying through the air and smashing the ceiling of a tunnel. The incredible moment saw the driver propelling into the roadside barriers before launching himself high in the air and bouncing off the tunnel. The car was completely crashed by the driver did not suffer any injuries.

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